Why choose Emphires services?

You can easily place window signs or window vinyl on the inside or outside of the window, but due to vandalism inside on the for window signage would be your best option, frosted window vinyl technique is great for blocking out interview rooms, medical waiting rooms, office reception signs and areas of your store that face the public, for which you do not want to block out total light, yet need to cover the window.

The material is UV protected. The printing is also outdoor grade ink so it won’t fade if facing outside and the sun penetrates the glass. Vinyl lettering can be applied to the inside or outside of a window sign.

Window signage is very effective in promoting your shop or retail window, as well to display your corporate logo.

A office with more than one glass walls can be covered with window signage by applying stripes or blocks to give it more privacy; we can even cover the whole window as well for the whole window signage effect.

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