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A domed sticker is made up of Liquid polyurethane witch is a mixture of two or more liquid streams. The polyurethane is applied with special tools that allows the polyurethane to flow to the borders of the vinyl shape using capillary attraction. The liquid is than cured so that it can harden creating a domed sticker with a 3D effect. We can dome up to 3000 stickers a day due to special equipment.

Clear Liquid polyurethane is used for domed stickers. The Liquid polyurethane is applied to the top of a name badge or sticker label, this process is called sticker doming.

Domed stickers also known as 3D stickers, resin stickers or gel stickers are durable with a neat finishing are commonly used on corporate gifts or electronic equipment. Any type of color sticker can be domed full color or black & wite and Almost any shape can be cut out.

Domed stickers can be used for trophy inserts medal inserts name badges and labels the only boundary is size.

Important factors that needs to be considered when placing a domed sticker order.
1. Solid Vinyl or cut out vinyl that is applied with application tape.
2. What type of vinyl should it be printed on? (white vinyl, clear vinyl or any other type of vinyl)

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